CPT Robert Dayton

Captain Robert H. Dayton

Flower Hill Hose Company #1
Died November 26, 1988 

Robert H. Dayton, known as Bobby, was a Lieutenant of Flower Hill Hose Co. #1. who died, on duty, November 26, 1988.

While commanding a search and rescue team at an apartment fire on Main Street, he became trapped and ran out of air. Due to the intense heat and smoke, repeated efforts to rescue Lieutenant Dayton were unsuccessful. He was later pronounced dead at St. Francis Hospital. The Nassau County Police Homicide Squad and Fire Marshall’s Office later ruled the cause of the fire to be arson.

Lieutenant Dayton attended Schreiber High School and later studied computers at Nassau Community College. He joined Flower Hill Hose Co. #1 at 18 years old. In addition to serving as a volunteer in Port Washington, he was also a professional firefighter with the Fire Department, City of New York, assigned to Engine Company 287 in Elmhurst, Queens. He was posthumously promoted to Captain of Flower Hill Hose Company #1.

The Port Washington Fire Department continues to mourn the loss of Captain Dayton. In 2010 the Town of North Hempstead renamed Haven Avenue, where Flower Hill Hose Co. #1 is located, Captain Robert H. Dayton Way.

Captain Dayton's Funeral Procession Down Port Washington Blvd.
Captain Dayton’s Funeral Procession Down Port Washington Blvd.
Captain Dayton with Family
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